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19 th century stories
The first Jews of Dorsten
Dorsten 1820: "Violence in
the synagogue itself"
Eisendrath Family in Dorsten
The family name
Julia Eisendrath - portrait of
a Jewish Mama
Eulogy at the grave of
Julia Eisendrath
Jewish real property in Dorsten
Nathan Eisendrath emigrates
David Samson Eisendrath
Establishing in the USA
Migration of Jews from Europe
to North America
20 th century stories
Simeon B. Eisendrath, architect
Nathan Wolff and the Eisendrath family
Strouss, Eisendrath & Company
Visits to Europe since the 1920s
1933: A Protest Letter to
President Hindenburg (1933)
The Letter in full text
The Eisendrath branch in Zaandam/Netherlands
The last jewish place in Dorsten
Rabbi Maurice Eisendrath
Charles R. Eisendrath: An
identity and family history that
are inextricably linked (1999)
21 st century stories
Adam Eisendrath: The German Heritage Quest - February 2000
Dorsten contacts and
visits 2001-2007
Family Reunion 2010
The journey of two prayer books
Stolperstein memorials for the Eisendrath family
Who and why?
The Dorsten research group
and the Jewish Museum
of Westphalia
* The signature in the header above
is that of Samson Nathan Eisendrath
(from the year 1840)
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The Eisendrath Family Fund for Regional History

The Eisendrath Family Fund for Regional History (EFFRH) was set up in 2023 to support The Jewish Museum of Westphalia in its mission to research, preserve and exhibit the regional Jewish history and to liaise with descendants of Westphalian Jewry in the diaspora.

While the Museum’s learning, exhibition and events programme also introduces its visitors to Judaism and the wider Jewish cultures in Germany and Europe in past and present, the Museum has a strong regional remit, which is reflected in its name. The collection encompasses mostly objects from Westphalia, the permanent display looks at Jewish history through a regional lens. Regional history is therefore an important part of the curator's occupation, yet there are no designated public means to fund this.

With a donation to the EFFRH you can therefore make a lasting contribution to our curatorial work. Your support enables us to deliver new exhibitions, preserve and extend our collection as well as expanding our research on the history of Westphalian Jewry.

Ayleen Winkler
Museum Curator

Source material and research

This website should be seen as a “work in progress”: Here, we are publishing the results of earlier research from the 1980s und the 1990s. Since then we have added new pieces of research and expect to continue to do so in the future.

If you have additional sources, photos and documents or if you can contribute an unpublished “Eisendrath story”, we look forward to hearing from you.

The museum will use the source material and knowledge thereby collected for future exhibitions and publications on the history of the Eisendrath family in its wider historical context, the history of migration and of Westphalian Jewry more generally.

Elisabeth Cosanne-Schulte-Huxel
2nd Chair of the Museum’s Association


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