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* The signature in the header above
is that of Samson Nathan Eisendrath
(from the year 1840)
A Protest Letter to President Hindenburg

On 6 September 1933 the “Eisendrath Cousins Club”, who the Club says is one the largest family groups of Americans of German descent, wrote to the German President Paul von Hindenberg, to complain about the treatment of “Germans of the Jewish faith”.
“Because of my German ancestry, which goes back many centuries, my concern and sense of justice, I appeal to you today to help the German Jews who are being treated so miserably by some political aspirants of your beloved country. Among the present rulers of your country there are some who are spreading hate propaganda (against the Jews)…. Through the attack they are out to gain the trust of many people, particularly young people, and thus obtain political influence.

This campaign is directed by people who hide their true character and their vulgar machinations under the cloak of Christianity or German patriotism. These people are an insult to both Christians and German patriots none of whom are responsible for the insipid and extremely dangerous and deceitful political clique. The world has now understood this and if you do not help to remove this gross injustice, you will lose the respect of other nations and all upright people...
People of the Jewish faith are, of course, just as much a part of the Germans as the Catholics or the Protestants. Political stupidity and immoral propaganda which try to claim the contrary cannot change this. In Germany there are no better Germans than the Germans of the Jewish faith, if a comparison is to be made…. A nation which lends its name to injustice, cruelty, intolerance, narrow mindedness and rashness will not be respected and is inevitably doomed to decline and fall”

The letter in full text.


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